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24th February 2024 



We have used Liz as a therapeutic support and for reflective practice on a number of occasions and have found her practice and methods very useful; both for staff members and for improving our management practice. I found my own supervision very helpful at a big period of transition and have also highly valued Liz's insight when supporting another staff member who was suffering from burn out. She helps us to reflect on how our work impacts on our personal life and vice versa. Additionally, she has assisted us to improve our policy and procedures as an organisation to better help our staff and move things away from being personal practice to organisational policy which had helped with managing expectations of our service users and in turn our staff members ability to manage their own personal boundaries.
Helen Hibberd, Manager of Hackney Migrant Centre

It got so difficult after the takeover as staff became rebellious and started cutting corners. Until experiencing process consultancy, I’d never thought deeply about what I was up against when managing my team. A new perspective was so helpful. I’m actually looking forward to going into work, I can’t wait to get in there.
Transport manager

Your commitment to getting to the heart of the matter, reminded us to be student- centred, at all levels of decision making. Seeing all that we do through that lense has refocused our delivery and put us back in touch with our ethos and the reason we’re all here in the first place! We’ve got our vibrancy and purpose back. After all, without students we can’t exist!
Head of Education College

Our team had got to a point where it was no longer productive. There was so much competitiveness and resentment that we couldn’t pull together any more. We were burning each other out. Developing awareness for the stress we were carrying and how burdened we had become, created space for managing demands differently. This enabled the freedom to generate new ideas and ability to recognise that difference is a strength in our team.
Manager of Team in Homeless Charity

If I'm not sure what I need, can I still come and talk to you? Yes, we can explore to discover together what might be appropriate for you according to what's on your mind and the challenges you are facing.
Do you work with individuals outside of organisations? Yes very much so, I offer coaching, counselling and psychotherapy to individuals privately
How will I know which is suitable for me? Initially we can have a telephone conversation and then if we agree, a number of meetings to establish your needs, options available to us and a way forward.
How much do you charge? We can discuss fess during our initial free telephone conversation
How long will I need to attend? This is dependent on need and intensity of our work together
Do you offer therapy by telephone, zoom of Skype? Yes, please discuss possibilities
Can I work with you on work or study worries privately? Certainly, we can creatively work in a private space to work this through.

Do you work with organisations and will you come to us? Yes, please do enquire and we can discuss the bespoke needs of your business situation
What are your rates? This is a bespoke service and so depends on need, staff requirement and length of work
Are you experienced and suitably qualified? I am qualified in all areas of the work described here - psychotherapy, counselling and orgnisataional work.
Do work using face-to-face Skype, zoom or telephone? yes all of these options are available which means I am available nationally and internationally
Is any job too big or small? No, we can scale up or down according to need