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24th February 2024 
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Qualified in all disciplines: psychotherapy, counselling, organisational consultancy and training

Dr. Liz Greenway MA, MSc, PGCE, Dip CAT, DIP (App) SS, BSc is qualified and accredited. She achieved her doctorate and MA in Organisational Consultation at the Tavistock Centre/University of East London. Her research involves a systems-psychodynamic exploration of the impact of working context on professional identity and professional life. She is an active member of APPCIOS and a BPC Registered Organisational Psychodynamic Therapist. She has published in professional journal, worked as a Group Relations Consultant and delivered professional papers to universities internationally. In addition she is a Balint Group Leader accredited by the Balint Society and an Action Learning Set Facilitator accredited by The NHS Leadership Academy.

Dr. Liz Greenway is UKCP Registered Psychotherapist ; BACP accredited counsellor and ACAT accredited Practitioner having completed MSc Integrative Psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute and postgraduate diploma in Cognitive Analytic Therapy at practitioner level at St.Thomas' Hospital.

Dr. Liz Greenway is able to traverse different modalities and ways of working - long-term, short-term therapy; coaching and organisational consultation and training with individuals and groups.

She has been offering psychotherapy in GP surgeries, privately and in homeless charities for over fifteen years. She works with a range of concerns from identity concerns, life transitions, sexuality, relationships, stress management, transexuality, loss and bereavement, low self esteem, trauma, depression, work issues, creativity, anxiety, and challenge of everyday life and its journey.

Her interventions includes working with CEOs, yoga teachers, writers, new mums, trainee doctors, teaching assistants, GPs, lecturers, nurses, actors, retired academics, homeless people, MPs, stay at home mums and dads, students, FTSE 100 leaders, lecturers, social workers, those looking for new employment directions, engineers, management consultants, builders, construction workers, headteachers, PAs, priests, architects, civil servants, accountants, charity senior managers, family business managers, artists, dancers, entrepreneurs.

She has been providing business consultation to organisations for the last 9 years and has worked across sectors with boards, managers, teams, and individual staff.

With such extensive training, breadth and depth of ability and experience, a range of approaches are available. Each client will be individual and unique and have their own narrative and as such, the therapeutic response will be bespoke to need. Dr. Liz Greenway's tenacity for getting to the heart of the matter in a sensitive, yet focused way enables change and transition. The underlying experiences that can fester and repeat under the surface are a particular focus of the approach. With an award from the University of Missouri for her ability to work effectively and write coherently with regards complex issues, Dr. Liz Greenway's clinical work has been recognised internationally and nationally. Details of this award are described below.

The Center for the Study of Organizational Change 'are dedicated to supporting scholarship that applies psychoanalytic concepts to the qualitative study of organizations' awarded Liz Greenway 2014 Best Paper Award winner. The CSOC Best Paper Award was established in 2012 to develop the knowledge base for understanding organizations and organizational change, and to recognize scholarly excellence in developing new ways to apply psychoanalytic theory to the study of organizations. The award is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Organizational Change, and funded in part by the Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri and the Seth Allcorn Endowment Fund.